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Choosing approach

Once you have found your own inner peace and a sense of centeredness, you can become more aware of how you respond to others and why. You can also eventually learn to choose your own level of engagement, your own emotional charge, and thus, your approach. This can be especially visible (and a good place to practice) in how we enter. How we enter our own home, our workplace and nature, besides when we visit others. How are you walking? Rushing in, or from a place of holding it sacred? Which beliefs are you carrying with you? Are you feeling welcome and are you welcoming others? Are you too open or too closed? Try thinking about that and see how the results might differ in your interactions.

From a Lifecoaching perspective, we found our practice in a certain approach, or attitude, in our sessions with clients. Our foundation is built on believing in the client enough to help birth his/her own answers and solutions to their problems. We do this by fostering a mindset of genuine interest, a neutral standpoint, with support and a wish to do good. All in mindful presence with a Socratic dialogue.

Would you like to try?

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