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Choosing the right leader

While there are just as many styles of leadership, as there are leaders, there are two major approaches to leadership:

Either the organization hires an expert. Someone who has worked within the specific field or industry with extensive experience, thus knowing a lot about the product and/or service the organization is offering on the market.

Or, you choose a leader that is good at leading others, such as listening, caring, coaching, encouraging and taking responsibility in all interactions, whether between employees or between the business and its customers.

Then, you must also have in mind the informal leader. Usually in any group setting, after a while, someone becomes the invisible leader, who the rest of the group either fear or follow. His/her opinions are often loud, and governing the work environment, wherefore it’s a must to incorporate this position into the culture consciously. And for example, invite this person early into any change projects.

Are you a leader or a follower? Do you take initiative or wait for someone else to? Do you give voice to your opinion and enable others to do the same? How does your behavior shift according to the different groups you are in? Is there any difference depending on how large the group is? Which way makes you feel most comfortable, yet is a way that is challenging you towards positive growth?

Have a look around with the perspective of leadership and take note of what you see. Even in your own family is a leader. Who is and how?

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