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Claiming your right to a good health

To get your needs met, whether through your own making or when you need help from others, having a clear view of how you feel is essential. Here are some questions to help you define your own health:

How do you feel physically? Are your body in any pain? Are you lacking any nutrients, vitamins or minerals? Do you get hydrated enough during the day? Do you exercise regularly? How is your sleep? Are you getting your needs of loving touch met? Do you have a good home, where you can feel safe?

How do you feel mentally? What is your thoughts about what is happening in the world and in your life? Do you feel apt to study and work? Is it easy for you to come up with ideas and to solve problems?

How do you feel emotionally? Which emotions come to surface most often in your interactions with others? How do you express and release them? Are you taking ownership of your own set of reactions, and understand why? Can you communicate what you feel to others around you?

How do you feel spiritually? What is your purpose? How do you explain what you can't? What do you believe in? What can you go to when life gets tough? Do you practice and feed yourself with spiritual nourishment - such as Bible studies, church going, praying, meditating, reading spiritual books including other Holy scriptures?

How do you feel financially? Do you have enough income to sustain your living? How do you feel when the bills pile up? Have you set off savings towards retirement? Do you have any extra money saved for any unexpected expenses? Do you share household?

How do you feel socially? Are you hanging out with co-workers, friends, family members, spouse, and any group attendees that you belong to, regularly? Do you feel respected and heard in your circles?

How do you feel online? Do your profiles online, share who you really are, or what you aspire to be, from a place of sincere authenticity, coming from a joyous will to share your experiences and to express your opinion? Are you time spent online in alignment with your resources and goals for your life?

Finally, what do you need to improve and how? is there something you need to let go of and change? Would you like some help with any of it? Talking to a lifecoach can help you clarify your health needs and goals.

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