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Confession time!

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Have you ever dressed up, or made alterations to how you look, just to impress someone? I've bought sexy lingerie (including stockings!) and while it was greatly appreciated, it became more about my clothes than about me. Nowadays, I simply choose nice fitting every time I buy some. It's all about the fit! Then I feel good wearing them regardless of who might see them.

Every time we do vanity fixes to impress, we impose an expectation of acknowledgement, and perhaps gratitude, by the other, which might very well lead to disappointment instead!

This doesn't lessen our need to look good, but when we do it to feel better about ourselves in the mirror, we gain more confidence, feel more fulfilled and thus open up for meeting others with less expectations.

What do you need to feel better? A haircut, an eyebrow coloring or a gentle foot massage?

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