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Connecting with Mother Earth

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

On Sunday, I decided to go for a walk through the Tropical Botanical Garden in Belem, Portugal to satisfy my need of beauty. I soon found myself among trees and medicine plants, wanting to explore and discover something new and for my inner child to have some fun.

There are three ways of walking:

  • Walking to or from a place

  • Walking to see something

  • Walking to reflect on something

These ways allow us to either focus on the destination, or the way or where we are going and why. Is my journey necessary? Is it safe and for love? When and how?

When we focus on the path we are walking, we can be more present. To taste, to scent, to feel the texture, to see and hear both others and yourself better. To dance with the clouds.

To walk as a spiritual exercise in nature, focus on finding a tempo with your breathing in sync with your steps.

Altogether, any spiritually led practice is about becoming more aware and applying more awareness. To me, that is being present.

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