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Creating change

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Coaching is designed to produce clarity of mind through the analyze and structure of thoughts, expressed into tangible life areas to improve performance. Each area with its own set of values and preferences to prioritize. It's also the foundation for change. And what not to change! That is, what to do in another way or doing something different.

To get clear on how to move forward, towards the next goal, an important question to answer is what is already working - which routines and habits are supporting your home and health? What is the result? Which items do you prefer wearing in your closet? And what is it that you like doing to keep fit?

Make an inventory of what you have, what you can do and what you know. Then look at how you are spending your time and on what. Does it reflect what you wish for? Which are your habits?

What can you let go of? What can you re-organize or schedule more of? And who is really supporting you the best? Let go of those that don't.

What do you need more of? Joy, peace, social gatherings or solitude? Sleep or activity? This is the change you are looking for, that will be both your inner reward and motivator.

What can you do to have this what you need? And what does this require?

a) Conditions (place, appropriate clothing, instructor, ingredients)

b) Commitment (schedule, will, action)

To get a better plan for it all, book a Skype session or meeting with your favorite Lifecoach!

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