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Creating love

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

At a standstill? Whenever you either feel caught in a negative spiral of thoughts and reactions to others' mean communication, or simply find yourself in a standstill, feeling stuck and uninspired, the best thing you can do, is to create more love.

To create love, take initiative and express love to someone for something, either by giving thanks and show your honest appreciation by telling that to the person either direct, with a nice card, or online. You can also strike up a conversation with a stranger on your commute or lunchbreak about the weather, the news or offer your help to carry something. This is likewise easy to apply online as well, simply by writing positive comments that are honest and generous on content you really like.

The important thing is to be honest and pro-active. Only when you communicate from your own truth, your own emotional aspiration, can you begin creating something. Don't assume or worry if you don't receive the same back - if not, see it as how good of you to be so loving and kind for the sake of its own reward. It will provide you with a sense of satisfaction at the deep core of your heart, that lets you fall asleep easily and wake up with a smile. By focusing on love, we build a better life and a better society.

For more examples of creating love and living aloha, click here.

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