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Curbing climate change

Updated: May 29, 2021

How do we save our beloved Mother Earth? Well, she saves herself, I believe. Through the storms, the tsunamis and the volcanic eruptions, she renews her land and recreates it. And the less we intrude, the better. But, should we then make humans extinct? No, we too belong here! We too, are a species, part of the eco-system. The answer lies in remembering our role and use it, with adequate moderation, curbing our pollution. And leaving each place better than when we came.

In Hawaii and in Native American Shamanism, we walk in relation to everything; to the fish in the sea, to the reindeers up north, to the delicate flowers down south and anything that is alive!

We all have a relationship with everything and everyone. All that is alive is believed to be part of a Great spirit that permeates all; it is tuning into this spirit that enables us to feel oneness, connected, and in tune with what is changing. Changes of the weather of course, with seasons, and any looming disasters.

As with most things, it's hard to plan more than a year ahead and hardly even that. We can't know for a certain where we will live, what we will eat and how our lives will look a year from now. So, why bother?! If we instead rather live like any day could be our last; have we not then learned our lesson? Think about it:

Who would you like to talk to before it's too late?

What do you want to experience?

What is your favorite thing to wear and do?

Do a little more of this and a little less worrying and there will be less to worry about.

Aloha! We share breath.

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