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Dealing with disappointment

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Nobody wants to experience setbacks and failures, but we all have to. But, rather than looking at it as something disserting, see it as a preparation for something better. For example, if you went for a job interview but didn't get the job, you might feel disappointed and weary. But, if you look at it as a necessary practice in how to do job interviews, you will soon see how this would require you to do several, to improve.

Let yourself be disappointed for a while. In this, lies also our heart. If we don't feel let down, now and then, it would be even worse, a sign that we didn't put our heart into what we pursued. Grieving is not only about losses of lives, but also losses of relationships, homes and jobs. We wish for peace for the diseased, but it is us who needs the peace. To come to a rest about the conflict, or the setback, so that we can let go and move on. So, next time you receive a no instead of a yes, see it as a gift of presence, of better things arriving.

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