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Defining our identity

Part of our spiritual seeking and wanting to live authentic lives, seem to be about finding and defining our true identity. One can say that our outer identity, the person we are to others, or how others see us is a role, a result of social conditioning. Our inner identity, however has a much more existential depth to it, as it can be understood with a spiritual belonging, such as being children of God. We can therethrough, also shed the layers of conditioning, and feel more true to our inner self, which founds authenticity when we learn to display and communicate accordingly.

One of the key factors in this inner work, is by understanding how the use of our language can either trick us or help us. We often exclaim things like I'm angry!, ie that we are something. We are an emotion or a profession or even disabled. Instead, we must learn to not identify ourselves with any of these things, including our emotions, that are produced energy by ourselves, as a reaction to someone, or something, outside of ourselves. By defining it as: I work as a... or I feel... or I have... we can find true detachment and thus also find a centeredness in our core, which I believe is pure peace (and love and light). Understanding this dynamic, at least enables us to find inner peace.

I hope you find yours.

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