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Earth healing

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Our human energy rubs off onto nature, just like we can revive ourselves through nature. A couple of decades ago, an experiment with freezing water, showed how the ice crystals changed with our emotional charge, our words, our energy vibes.

Luckily, the earth can receive our harsh words and also help us transform them. I think of it as ocean not only cleaning me, but also clearing me. It's said that a group of Hawaiian healers stopped a tsunami once with their prayers and visualizing a wall. I am thankful that I can sense the tide and sun shifting in my body, without having to look at the time.

All things alive has a spirit and becoming in tune with it, makes us feel both one with nature and eventually nature one with us. Everything becomes a mirror.

In Hawaii, I heard a whale sing by the pier where I had sat several times grieving deep from my soul. In Portugal, I heard a dolphin greet me when I got here last summer to reclaim my joy. Just about a week ago, I saw one again, twice.

What is it to be an Earth-healer? My specialty and gift (besides writing) since many years, is to be able to clear and bless places. It's a matter of genuinely wishing well.

For the last 5 years, I use Holden Qigong as part of my practice. At the end of his "7 minutes-routine", when we "embrace the mountains", I visualize, breathe in and embrace places, for examples where I am, the Ko'olau mountains in Hawaii, and of course Tibet and the Himalaya.

I chant and dance Hawaiian Hula to get access to my inner source of universal love to be able to express it.

Sometimes, I have sent light and love to people and the land. And sometimes, I refill myself through my crown chakra directly from above, which I hope I forward when I'm allowed to keep my peace.

And I dance Isadora Duncan to realign myself with my true essence as an extension of spirit.

How do you bless, protect and celebrate Mother Earth?

Photo from Lisbon Dolphins.

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