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Enjoying beauty

In Sweden, we have a long tradition of having many plants indoors, planted into pots. I assume this derives from our many long, cold and bare winters. We long to have the greenery around us, which is considered healthy. In Hawaii, however, it's different. One of the things I first noticed, was how some of our old plants, were growing freely there. In Hawaii I learned, how one should not have any plants indoors, to not compete with the beauty outdoors and instead enjoy the beauty on location.

In Sweden, we have a specific law, called "Every man's right" which allows everybody to enter all land, forests and parks freely, but to not take anything from it, especially not extinct, or too much. So this reverence, should be evident here too. And in fact, most flowers wither indoors, especially this lilac. They have a strong scent and always blossom around the beginning of June, in time for schools' graduation. However, putting a branch into a vase, doesn't even last an hour. They should only be cherished in their natural habitat, outdoors.

Which way is the right way? How should we live? Do we always have to adjust our rules to where we are living?

No beauty lasts, so we need to always cherish it in the present.

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