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Evaluating for progress

To reach your goal, or simply to live a better life, it’s important to do regular evaluations. There is an old saying that we will get the same result, if we keep thinking and doing things the same way. Hence, if you want change, you must change something yourself. To learn what, you can do an evaluation.

Just like for many companies, who do these regularly on behalf of their business, you can look into each area of your life and make an estimate, as well as consider the results you have now. What is working and why? This is what you want to continue building on. Then look into what isn’t working and why that is. What can you do instead? And what is holding you back from getting this underway?

As a professional lifecoach, I can help you clarify and support you through the steps towards making real progress, whether it is to get a new job, move to a different town, or take up an old hobby. It can also be going through your relationships and your own sense of self. Are you getting your needs met? What makes you feel better? And to each session, you will present an assignment that is part of your plan. This way, I can help you hold yourself accountable for your decisions, as well as guide you through any inner or outer obstacles that might come up.

Contact me for your first free introductory session.

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