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Finding a mentor

One of the best ways to make it, is by learning from someone who already has done what you dream about doing. A person with such experience and knowledge in your specific area, is called a mentor. A coach, in comparison, don't need to have any experience in that particular field or industry that you are seeking to start a business, or simply work in. A mentor, however, is like a wisdom guide for success! A mentor, thus, also becomes an important reference to have in your network, and is a good thing to ask for, if you seek to employ someone or start a business together with someone.

I've had two mentors in Sweden, one in copywriting, and one in the wellness sector. My first mentor was Henri Holmgren, a well respected and awarded copywriter, that I had as a guest professor at Berghs School of Communication when I was taking a course to become a copywriter. Our relationship lasted about three years, with my employments in advertising, until he suddenly passed away. My biggest take-away from him, was learning to embody a voice, a tone, in my writing for the company seeking advertising.

My second mentor was Patrik Arlesäter, a man who started a big gym and fitness club from scratch, and wanted to develop it into a more wellness practice, embracing soft sides. I had just come up with a business plan and showed this to him, whereupon he showed me his, and assigned me as an editor to his membership magazine, I did this for a year, while I was studying Workscience, with a focus to become a Lifecoach, at Malmö University. I also got to show and instruct Hula-classes later here, after they had developed their business with offering dance-classes. My biggest take-away from him, was to remember to always take into account whether the market is ready for what you would like to sell, or create.

So, what would you like to create or to have? May I help you?

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