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Finding job-satisfaction

Are you happy at work? To feel motivated and doing a good job, often require us to feel job-satisfaction first. With a sense of job-satisfaction, it becomes more motivating to put in the extra effort. What does then make up job-satisfaction? To evaluate your job, you might benefit from considering your answers to these questions:

What does it pay? How is it compared to other businesses or organizations for a similar position? Which are the benefits?

What is the status? Do you feel important and useful? Do others treat you better because of it?

Do you feel recognized for your job? Internally? Externally? Have you, your colleagues and/or the firm received any rewards or passed any specific certifications?

How is the work-environment? Can you sit comfortably at your desk with good lighting? What is the sound level like? Are you sitting in a cubicle, your own room, or are you moving around, depending on task, on the floor?

Do you feel camaraderie with your colleagues? Do you both have fun and share a seriousness when needed? Can you get help and give help to get the job done?

How is the communication internally? Do you receive the same news as the others in your department or among departments? Do you feel comfortable asking for more information as needed, or out of curiosity and concern for the market?

What is your boss like? Does he or she see you? Do you feel safe around him or her, such as getting support with a nasty client? Can you discuss your performance honestly and get a bit of space and time to improve?

What is the culture like where you work? Is there a specific dress-code that you feel comfortable with? Do everybody hurry home at 5 pm, or is it required to stay over without complaining? Do you go out together after work, from time to time?

Which are your tasks? Can you plan your workday, so that you get them done, together with attending meetings, handling e-mails and calls, and be ready to take on anything else that comes up?

Are you encouraged and enabled to learn more for your job? Do you receive any extra training or have access to a library of articles, manuals and history of the company?

What are the values of the company? Are these something you strive for naturally? Does it feel like the company live up to these?

Does this job fit your personality type? Do you prefer to work in teams, or individually? Do you like to analyse things, or rather hold presentations? Are you better at literally manufacturing and for example coding, or to discuss and create solutions orally?

How is the job aligned with your own dreams and goals? Do you feel that you know of the organizations primary vision, mission and goals for the nearest future? Can you see your part in making these a reality?

All in all, this should make you feel purposeful or at least help you come to terms with your current job-description and see what you can develop where you are at, if you can stick it out to meet a private goal or do a favorite hobby, or if you would like to change. Most of all, ask yourself: How would you like it to be?

For more in depth understanding and discussion, don't hesitate to contact me for a coaching session. I found my coaching on my education and experience in advertising, organizational change and workscience.

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