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Healing with Lifecoaching

Would you like to try to heal and change in your own journaling or through a coaching session?

* Think of a problem, attitude, area, situation, relationship, habit, location or the like you would like to change and improve.

* Why isn't it working?

* What made you behave this way?

* How did you develop this behavior?

* Which are the hidden blessings in it? What did you learn?

* How would you like it to be?

* How would you like to be as a person and what can you do differently?

* Forgive yourself for the past and the other while setting more boundaries that you communicate.

* If possible, initiate a conversation to solve any issues.

* Create an action plan and take the first step.

* Follow up with any obstacles, whether your own internal resistance, or outer to solve these.

After about three months, you can move forward with more confidence and joy!

If you would like to get some creative feedback in your own life, you can schedule a coaching session with me, either by phone, Skype or in person.

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