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How cleaning can be creative:

Most of us cringe, when we face tasks like cleaning out a closet, or clearing up our email accounts, with lots of stored items. As a lifecoach, I can offer you a new perspective. Rather than thinking about the heavy task of lots to get through, think of creating something new: A new closet, and an organized account. You might want to have separate drawers with labels on, color-coordinate, and keep trousers separately from your shirts. In your inbox, you might want to have things archived year by year. How do you want your email account to look like? And your closet? Then, create that! Creating is in itself a source of energy and motivation.

A good reminder is, also to do it step by step. When I went through about a thousand emails this summer, I scrolled month by month, where I took a pause at each quarter. I also do a scroll-through, before I sort them into folders, such as personal, newsletters and receipts. And of course, I mark those who needs attention and response.

Trouble getting things done? Contact me for a coaching session!

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