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Improving the world

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

One might of course also wonder, what my purpose in life will lead to or why I have it. My raison d´être is to be a storyteller with real life experiences and insights. I tell stories through my books, my speeches and my dancing. I believe that we, most of the time, can choose how we meet and greet others. How we communicate and how we behave. I've had this ideal since I was a young girl, guessing nationalities on airport lounges or trains, seeing all as different flowers together forming a wonderful bouquet, loving the UN. The thing with cultural differences, love still can be felt when it's the driving force behind anyone's words or actions. We should simply be more loving. If we all are, we'll improve the world! And if you don't know what love is or think you can only be loving within your family, you can start by defining your own most important ingredients (I share mine in my books.) and use those in all your interactions.

What do you believe in? That paradise only exists after our death to those holy enough? What if we can create Paradise on Earth instead? By tending to our real needs and validate one another, we can do that. Read examples of how, in my books here.

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