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Just do it!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Have you ever felt stuck? Or like you are just beating around the bush and procrastinating? To get unstuck and create more flow in your life, whether for creative purposes, better time management or simply to reduce stress, you can create your own sense of urgency. In fact, if your don't, it might just become an emergency. To get an immediate relief and positive surge, move your body! Dance around in your living room or go for a walk, then directly hit it! When you are in motion, your become in flow.

When do we know then, that the timing is right? This is when you have great use of your practice of meditation and mindful presence. Ask yourself when you look at your plans, whether for the day, the week or the month ahead:

What is my body telling me?

What is my mind telling me?

What does my heart want?

What does my intuition say?

And, how does the world look around you? A simple thing like considering the weather first, is just as essential as having your needs met. Then through these answers, you hopefully will find what the actual next step is to take. You can always do something, whether it's to prepare, study, ask for help or get going. Set your own deadline!

Want some support and creative input? Contact me for a coaching session!

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