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Keeping a secret

"Never ask a fisherman where he's going. The fish might hear." (Hawaiian proverb)

Is it always right to share our goals and dreams? What if there is a secret in not telling? I believe so.

While you want support and be held accountable to foster your will and determination, sharing what we aim to do, can have the opposite effect. Not only can you be judged prematurely, but your intention energy might become dispersed. Likewise, your Ego can get in the way or your confidence wane. Or you might even become sabotaged.

Having to defend oneself can also be looked upon with similar perspectives. It can drain us and make us become in a foul mood, but it can also cement and enable you to develop an idea further.

Going to a personal coach, eliminates this problem since we're aware of this in confidentiality, and have your success as our goal. Would you like to try? Contact me for your free introductory coaching session.

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