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Keeping focus

One of the great things that I can use both for achieving my own personal goals and share in my Lifecoaching practice, is how to focus and on what.

As an equestrian in my teenage years (I rode for 10 years, both dressage, jumping, outdoors, and in carnivals and shows.), I learned that to do a good jump and have a good flow through the course of obstacles, we must always focus on what comes next. It's when we look with all our attention on the obstacle, it tends to grow in our eyes and can create more stress and anxiety, including that the horse can feel. However, if we look to the one after, or simply where we are going after, we can just jump over it on our way.

It's the same with life!

So, next time you plan on doing something, whether something fun that you get all exited about with high expectations, or something you dread, but need to, remember to focus on what you're going to do after.

It's just another challenge on the way.

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