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Live your passion

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

My own journey towards reclaiming my passion, started by inspiration from the Oprah show in 1999. She said we should think of three things, we attain by living our passion. These become the foundation for what more we can do.

My example is: I wanted to become a ballerina. In this passion, lies:

* Wanting to dress nice in a puffy skirt or dress

* Express myself creatively

* Perform on stage

If I now look at the three things, one can see that I can of course dress in skirt and dresses any day, I can express myself creatively in a myriad of ways, and performing on stage also includes speaking in front of groups. Thus, I can live my passion both by taking dance classes, and by using these three examples!

Each knowledge opens up for an opportunity. If you have made the list of your skills and lessons, you now can do the same with those examples, such as if you know how to drive a car, you can work with anything from being a cab-driver to run errands. Which opportunities have you not seen? Call me and we'll find out.

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