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Living by the moon

Ever since I started my spiritual path in 1995, I have been looking at the moon. It's for example said that one should charge one's crystals and gemstones under moonlight, and I was born under the full moon on a Sunday, which holds a certain potency, in astrological terms (I'm a Libra.). Later on, I noticed how my own period would often sync with the moon's phases, which of course is ancient knowledge and why many women tend to refer it to "their moon". And in Hawaii, they used to plant and harvest according to the different phases of the moon, to ensure the best treatment and result of the land. So, how can we translate this into our regular lives? And should we?

Well, we can use the moon phases to reflect and inspire the way we work, so that we start new projects when the moon is new, and that we finish projects when the moon is full. In this way, we harness the natural power of the shadow of the sun, in ways that becomes flow, just like we adapt to the tide and the ocean.

And finally, we have named the first day of the week "Monday" which stands for "Moon's day". In English, the other weekdays are named according to the other planets, while in Swedish, they are named after Nordic pagan gods. Are we then calling on them, whenever we refer to any given day? As a woman, with a nowadays confirmed Christian faith (I got baptized in 2007), I have gotten to know another way to name them. In Portuguese, the week starts on "God's day" which is Sunday, and then the rest of the days are counted and named with numbers.

Like with any natural wonders and phenomena, it all boils down to how we choose to define and interpret them, living by them.

I charge my crystals in sunlight, since many years.

You can read more about the Portuguese names of the weekdays here.

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