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Loosing your inner critic

Do you feel insecure about your looks or your work? Sometimes, we can become our own best enemy and fall prey to negativity and procrastination. So have also I, many years ago. But with coaching, this can be transformed into something much more lifegiving and compassionate. First of all, be honest with yourself. Is there any truth in this critique? Are there areas you need to do your own homework first, or are there needs you haven't taken care of, such as sleeping enough? What can you improve and learn more of? Then, you let go.

The best way to find peace, and thus serenity of mind and heart, is by practising being present. This can be done by mindfully exercising an awareness of what we are actually doing, especially mundane tasks that we often perform out of routine, while we think of other things. Instead, practice saying to yourself what you are doing. "Now, I'm doing dishes.", while you actually are. Note that this doesn't require any opinion. You need not neither love doing it, nor hate it. You don't need to evaluate, whether it was good or bad, or "enough", as long as they get done (and you don't break them). In this acknowledgment of what you actually are doing physically, lies present space, and this is where you can just be.

Try it for yourself!

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