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Make your own policy

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Just like businesses create a certain strategy to maintain their standard towards their customers and competitors, as well as internally, you too can for your own life. Here is an example:

There is nothing so frustrating and agitating, as when things stall online, when we have to log in again, or a form needs to be filled out again. To ensure I don't fret too much, I've implemented my own policy: CONTINUE. Get it done, simply.

There is usually another way to send a message; another channel or another person to forward it to. This way, internet doesn't rule you, or your mood. It doesn't get to install doubt, or insecurities. It just simply takes more time.

How do you do? In which areas do you need to have a strategy to rely on? It's time to be the CEO of your own life!

If you want some help to become more efficient, contact me for a coaching session.

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