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Making a competence inventory

If you are in the midst of changing jobs, careers, or looking into what it really is, that you learned through your university studies, then this blogpost is for you. It can also be beneficial to have these answers in mind, if you're trying to get a raise, or evaluate your job. And in order to receive an official validation, such as between countries, for your credits or skills.

What is your competence consisting of?

Which kind of skills do you possess?

How much education do you have, and in what?

Which classes did you take and what were they about?

If you would summarize each subject in one or two sentences, what would that be?

What else did you learn during your studies?

What is your role in group work? The leader or the follower? The researcher, analyst, discusser, the writer or the presenter?

Which are your personality traits, especially when it comes to strengths?

What kind of extra curricular activities have you taking part in?

Which type of extra classes, or other practices, have you been part of?

How many languages do you speak and how well?

Which kind of life experiences have you undergone and what did you develop by coping with, and getting through, these?

Where have you lived?

Which kind of groups of people have you hung out with?

Have you ever had a specific teacher, or mentor, that have taught you something special?

How is your confidence level, when it comes to assessing a problem and solving it, taking initiative, being a good team-player, or making a presentation?

Which are your professional interests and ambitions? What is it inside these, that you already know?

What have you learned?

To better assess and make an inventory of your competence, don't hesitate to contact me for a series of coaching sessions, where I also can help you to write coverletters, resumés and prepare for a job-interview.

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