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Making a SWOT on yourself

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

If you ever studied Business Economics or Marketing, you're probably familiar with the term SWOT. This is an abbreviation of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and refer to making an analysis of the same. The first two can be used to discern your inner resources, while the last two are a way of looking at your outer arena. These can also be applied on yourself and your own decision making, such as if you're choosing to accept a new job offer, think of starting a business, or contemplating if you should be moving abroad and wonder if you have what it takes.

Whatever the project is, you can break it down to:

Strengths: Which are your strengths, when it comes to your personality traits?

Weaknesses: What are you not so good at, or what could hinder you from achieving your goals?

Opportunities: What can you win on taking this chance? Which are your success factors?

Threats: Which are the outer factors that could stop you from making it?

When you have these written down and clarified, you don't need to stop here, but instead think of a strategy of what you can do, to eliminate these risks of failure, and develop ways of overcoming and improving your weaknesses. What are your conclusion? What did you learn and what do you need to learn more about? Who can help you and where can you go?

As always, you can always have a chat with your favorite personal coach!

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