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Making room for growth

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Creating a healthy lifebalance is in its essence not only a matter of time management, but to strike a balance between inspiration and comfort with adequate space for both.

Think of your life as a house. Each activity has its own room. How much time do you spend in each and what do you need there? Contacts? Furniture? Computer programs?

Naturally, you can of course also use your actual home as your foundation. To make these areas; ie resting, socialising, working, eating, exercising etc, work better is the purpose of the decoration knowledge used in Feng Shui. You need to wind down and to warm up, to make each activity work optimum. And decorate accordingly both literally and in your mindset. No distractions allowed. And no clutter. Designate each area in your home and life with a purpose and you will even feel richer with less! Each item its own meaning, whether for practical use or as a loving memory.

Which rooms are under-used and which are perhaps overfilled with things you no longer like?

By using this understanding as your foundation, you make room for growth. If you need help, contact me for your first free coaching session!

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