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Manifesting or manipulating?

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

I'm sure you've heard about the Law of Attraction and how you're supposed to manifest your dreams to be seen as successful. This isn't how I coach people. I coach people by helping them realise what their passion is and how to find ways to live and express it. I also enjoy enabling more authenticity to be revealed, as we discuss boundary setting and your true values. To reach a goal, require action from your part. It will not come landing in your lap without effort. Just like you have to work in order to get a salary. This seems sadly a bit overlooked by the younger generation. The Law of Attraction is to naturally attract things or people that we match on the same level with. It's NOT to manipulate others, coerce, or try to change the level in order to get things or people you want. I'll give you two recent examples from last year:

I've preferred Schär Salti gluten free crackers since my stay in Portugal, but also before. However, these aren't sold so often in Swedish stores, since there are plenty of Swedish brands offering the same. Nonetheless, while being locked up at a psychiatric ward, one of the nurses brought me a bag for New Year's snacks, without me telling anything about it. This made me truly grateful of course, and also to learn where I can buy them myself.

Since I am eating gluten free and lactose free, I also prefer to eat dark chocolates, but sometimes they're too dark. One day, in our little kiosk run by volunteers, a new brand chocolates that are gluten and lactose free, suddenly turned up, called So free, including with mint taste, which happens to be my favorite!

The downside to this though, which many don't realise, are that suspicion and envy can follow suit by others. Am I getting something better than others in a discriminating way? No. I'm simply looking out for myself and being healthy since many years. And trying to live in flow.

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