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My body speaks

The most important language we need to learn, is the one our bodies speak. It's not only essential to our health and learning to recognize our physical needs, but also for us to be able to act accordingly in our surroundings.

The first time, I was made aware of this, was when I shared about my weird anxiety attacks that had started to happen, even though I'm someone who loves to stand in front of an audience, to my yoga teacher in 2004. She told me to sit down and close my eyes inside the restroom and ask: Where do I have my body now? and then really feel the answer. Feeling each body part and their sense of place, to become grounded and centred. After that, I started to develop a more heightened awareness of my body.

Everything is communicated through my body. Whether it's how I physically feel in the environment, or how I feel emotionally, it speaks to me in both humble and loud ways. If my body says yes, it's yes. If it says no with a feel of an immediate cold in my stomach, it's a no. If I feel attacked, or a likelihood to become, I might defend myself strongly verbally, in order to keep the threat away from me, while I take myself back into safety. It perceives what it does. Very seldom are my thoughts even involved, until after, when I try to understand or explain my decisions. I believe it's through our thoughts though, that our spirit communicates with us, and God. Our spirit being the antenna. It can become very wicked when humans try to take on that role of deciding what our thoughts should be. Think right and attract the right person or thing? No, what we perceive outside of ourselves are mere reflections of our inside. To create the life we want, we must rather just become more present and act with decisiveness. Also here, does our body play an important part. Are we feeling uplifted, inspired and enthusiastic, when we think about a certain goal or endeavour? Or do we hesitate, feel heavy and fearful? These cues can help us make a good decision, but should however not be the solemn foundation for our decisions, but for our timing. This takes us back to learning to hear our body's needs and satisfy them. If we're tired and hungry, we must sleep and eat first. And why everything starts with self-care.

What is your body telling you? Are you ready to catch the wave and ride on it, into society and life?

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