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My copyright issue with Malin Berghagen

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

I wrote my book The Call for Divine Mothering first in Swedish in 2008 and translated and edited it in 2010 with an update in 2017. My goal was to get it published in 2011 when I had planned to also build Telluselle Living Center in San Francisco. The photos to my book was taken by Desiree Seitz on Oahu around Christmas 2010. I showed them directly on my blog and also on my webpage.

What do you think? Is Malin Berghagen doing an asana on the cover of this book? Or is she posing like me? Did she also grieve her mother and wrote about that from a coaching perspective based on a university education, self-analysis and healing therapies, or did she copy parts of my writing and took what is mine for the last ten years in several books? 

I am still waiting for this to be tried in the Swedish court, since 2014. Not to mention the plagiarism almost taking part daily both by her, Rachel Brathen and others. Then add slander, stalking and sabotage that never has been neither investigated nor tried. Here is a recent example by many from Malin Berghagen's blog:

That she has directly plagiarised from my book on p. 70 from The Call for Divine Mothering ~ applying the keys to paradise, as if she had lived my life:

She also pretends that my books don't exist. How cruel is that?

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