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My copyright issues with Rachel Brathen

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

I used to horseback ride a lot, growing up. I used to compete in local competitions, both jumping and dressage, liking the latter the most. My favorite horse was named Petter, and he's also the one mentioned in my book The Call for Divine Mothering in the chapter entitled Tenderness. I used to work at the local riding club, caretaking the horses together with a friend during weekends and for that I both earned some money and got free riding classes. We also slept in the big farmhouse sometimes, to be ready early when we were housing the competitions. It was therefore self-evident that my grandfather, who worked as a fire-chief in another Swedish town, wanted to teach me what to do in case there was a fire in the stables. He said, horses were the toughest animals to rescue because a horse's natural escape route is always to jump through the fire and back to where it already has burned. They know by instinct that nobody can outrun a fire and if the fire already has gone in a certain direction, the safest bet is to go where it already has been and no longer is. Most horses thus, refuse to leave the stables.

This knowledge was something I remembered while I was at home in my apartment, grieving my mother after she had lost her battle against breast-cancer: The only way out is through. The only way to deal with a devastating loss, is by going through the heavy emotions, to be able to really let go and move on, eventually. The only way to deal with anything is to face it, not try to outrun it. I did.

I'm happy to share this (and had in another blog years ago), since it's my hope that others can use it for getting through their own pain. However, it's not meant to be sold by Rachel Brathen, pretending she came up with it alongside all other things I've written in my blogs for my clients, readers and followers. She should instead refer it to me as the source and share what it originally meant.

Another example is the concept of "feel your feelings" that she also has plagiarised from my book The Call for Divine Mothering p. 75, which has nothing to do with yoga and is not some kind of course but is meant to be topics of discussions in sacred circles that I lead. Being in the feeling and fully feeling it, is an insight I made about myself needing to be more present in my relationship communication. The lesson is to learn how to feel your feelings as they naturally arise in the moment they do through your actual lived experience, in relation to the experience and how it affects you.

Likewise, finding stillness between our breaths, is something that I experienced at Forum in Malmö, Sweden where I practiced yoga for Anette Larjard 2002-04, which I shared already then in my coaching newsletters.

Why doesn't Rachel Brathen ever share when she has learned something, where or how? When did she experience stillness? Why does she teach that?

So, not only doesn't YogaGirl do true yoga, she also is providing everyone with false marketing. Almost everyday since at least 2016, she copies words I just wrote, whether it's misogyny or softening, that she repeats extensively in her podcasts, as if that would make it hers. She obviously shows no respect of my education, experience and efforts.

Rachel Brathen has been reported to the Swedish police, the Aruba police and the FBI's IC3 division.

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