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Overcoming our obstacles

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

In order to reach our goals, we must also consider the obstacles that might come in our way and what we can do to navigate ourselves around them, like one of my friends in advertising, called Ib Lenneke said. We can't always overcome what others put in our way, but we can try to navigate around them instead.

An obstacle can be found on various levels, such as on a personal level, (physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual) or collective level (culture, traditions, laws and rules). This can be concluded as inner and outer obstacles which therethrough hold more or less power over us. 

For example, use these questions as a guide:

What are you afraid of and why?

Which kind of support do you have?

What does the law say?

How does the culture hinder you?

Now look for what you need instead and seek that, whether it's to move elsewhere, practice more, or initiate a desired change by engaging in politics, you will be able to move forward as soon as you start taking a step and focus on a goal. What unites us all is the necessity to be environmentally conscious, wherefore this itself has a peace-making factor - what is good for the environment?

In Sweden, people tend to be so victimized that even the simplest thing to help with, our right to food and sleep becomes questioned (unless you are rich and famous), and all responsibility is put on the state's system, which never gets overviewed. While in the United States, you are assumed to rely on your network rather than becoming a public charge, but therefore also become supported towards self-sufficiency through the community.

It's all found in our communication and willingness to actively work together towards a solution, including acknowledging the actual problem. 

Look also to past successes, what did you or someone else do then? Then follow that! 

Find your focus with me as a coach. Book an appointment for a Skype or live session today. 

Dare to start!

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