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Overcoming self-sabotage

Have you ever wanted to change a habit in your life but doing the change just makes you feel either resistant and tired, or dreading and postponing it. Then when you do set out to change, you become all hyper about it, feeling like failure when you give up after two or three days? That is how it can be for me. And this is what Lifecoaching has helped me with!

Here is the secret to positive change:

Instead of thinking of the reward you might have set out to give yourself after, ie new clothes, a vacation somewhere, or celebrating out on town, you can look at the change as the actual reward, a special gift you are giving to yourself. If you use the same approach and attitude that you use when you give someone a birthday gift, but to yourself doing the actual change, you will succeed and be proud of yourself that you can. And guess what, you can receive this gift from yourself as many times you would like to, to set the new habit!

What would you like to change and why?

I would like to be able to get up earlier in the morning so I can work at normal hours.

What is hindering you?

Not getting enough sleep, often due to others.

What would you like to stop doing?

Sitting too long online, especially asking others to stop copying, taking and delaying.

What would you like to start doing?

Going to bed earlier and write good real articles, speeches and advertisements again, including doing presentations.

What do you really need?

Good and enough sleep in a new home without intruders.

Give yourself that!

Contact me for an online coaching session to explore, examplify and start with my support.

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