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Release and refill

If you feel comfortable with meditating on your own, so that you feel you can focus on your breath and feel rejuvenated after, you can take your practice to the next level.

Start by sitting down, or standing with your feet hip-width apart, and get in touch with your breathing pattern. Try to make it into a slow, regular rhythm.

Now, turn the palms of your hands facing downward and imagine all the stress, impressions that linger, or interactions that felt draining, become released into the ground with your exhale.

Then turn your palms facing upward, either in front of you standing, or on top of your knees, sitting. Now, visualise being on the receiving end of energy. Let little light crystals rain in through your crown chakra and into your palms with your inhale. When you feel done, rub your hands against each other, to close your practice.

There are also motions you can do, to release and refill yourself of energy, in Qigong.

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