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Updated: Oct 30, 2023

My guru is Abraham Maslow. He clarified to the world, the hierarchy of needs. This in short, is described as necessary steps to fulfil before entering the last, called "Self-actualisation". Needs include eating, sleeping, sheltering, interacting and working. We are in parallel processes with different of our needs being met at the same time. However, many so called self-help teachers seem to look down on people with actual needs, as if they aren't as important, or valid. Perhaps there became indeed overblown pursuits of luxury items, that aren't "needed", but then again, we don't know for sure how needy that person feels, what it is that he or she attempts to satisfy, beginning with our childhood experiences.

Self-actualization is to realise who we are, and then to create who we want to be with our identity. It's in this field, lifecoaching really can benefit the client. We enable a personal leadership to evolve, where we raise awareness of needs and building momentum for improvement and realising one's vision, or dream. The beauty of self-actualization, is that the process becomes like a reward in itself. The creation of art is different, where we aim to let the result become what makes us immortal. Self-actualization thus, has more to do with a contentment built on contribution to society for the higher good. All founded in what motivates us.

Interested in taking steps towards your own self-actualization? Contact me for a coaching session in person, by phone, or livechat.

More about self-actualization and Maslow here.

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