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Take an inventory of your knowledge

Do you know what you can? Most people cringe when asked about their resume when in fact they have a lot. Part of my coaching is to help you make an inventory of what you have learned.

We start with your education and what this consists of, in terms of both subjects and skills. And then we continue with workplaces and pastime activities:

Have you learned how to study?

How to speak different languages?

How to drive a car?

How to work together with others?

How to present a case?

How to unpack goods?

How to work a register?

How to greet customers?

How to organize an event?

How to clean?

How to lead a group of people?

How to do interviews?

How to write letters?

How to create a budget?

How to plan a project?

What is on your list? Contact me for a coaching session and I'll help you find out.

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