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Taking charge

Have you ever felt indecisive about something? Or seem to be stuck and having to drag yourself up? Then what you need to do, is to take charge!

One of the cornerstones in Lifecoaching, is to learn how to lead one's own life. This isn't just a fancy metaphor but an actual encouraging tool. By taking charge, you claim ownership of the situation you're in, or the conversation, or even the relationship (make sure to take turns though unless you are ok with this role). It's a total gamechanger when you dare to. Don't wait for others, or simply do contact others, if this is your stronghold.

Start simple at home with your chores. Become very present and say out loud what it is you now are going to do, and then you perform that action diligently. Notice how this makes you feel afterwards. Pretty good, huh? Want to feel even better? Then seek what is fun to you. Do this on a regular basis and the rest will follow.

Still feel lost and confused? Contact me for a coaching session and I will gently show you some different perspectives, and enable you to come up with your own solutions.

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