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Taking charge

What do you think? Do you think it's good that various businesses automatically withdraw a pre-set amount every month, or at a certain date? I don't. In fact, it completely stresses me out. At first, I attributed this feeling to simply having very little to live on. I simply don't have any margins, and what if I forgot something and that got pulled, leaving me with less than I really need for food? And add thereto possible fees for overdraft. Imagine the stress. I have to prioritize.

But. There is also another aspect to this. To me, it's a matter of being in charge. To make an active decision and follow up in action. To decide that, today I want to buy or pay for a certain service, and then do. Then it becomes a conscious buy, that I have the power and control over. Then the buy, or payment, becomes an act of empowerment. That is, what I'm seeking. I do understand, that many businesses prefer automatic withdrawals since it becomes a budget more easy to predict and act upon; a known income. But, at the end of the day, the choice should always be the customer's. We have to remember this. And be grateful for how easy and fast payments can be done online.

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