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The challenge of copyright law

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

I guess it's fair to say that most of you who know me, know by now how irritated I am over feeling taken advantage of, slandered, and totally misguiding people about me, through the use of what I've written and come up with myself. There is nothing more disconcerting than planning, preparing, creating and working forth a text with an idea or concept, that someone else just takes and pretends to be theirs. To me it's not at all so much about the legal ramifications, that in turn also are quite tricky to deal with. I've learned from a US attorney that to be able to file a copyright claim against someone, you must not only prove that you have written yours first and what, but also why you should have the right to the other person's content. Think about that for two seconds.

So, what is going on with writing the same words as me? Everybody becomes influenced all the time. We read, watch, listen and see things in the media all day long. Sometimes it can be a comment and sometimes it can be a blogpost, book page or even a specific pose in a photo. We then most often mimic or repeat this. If you've ever listened to a lecture at a university, you probably would notice how the majority of students repeat what the teacher just said, rather than adding an actual question, thought or opinion. As a professional copywriter, I'm part of the group of people who doesn't just repeat but create. And most of the time, I always know where I got my inspiration, whether a memory, through a song, talking to someone or through something I read. We either do this knowingly or not. Sometimes we all react to a certain piece of news or a holiday for example, or we have even read the same source. The point is, many of those with more followers than I have seem to believe their popularity would present them with some kind of entitlement and expertise, while refusing to answer, all meanwhile they also seem keen on silencing me in the media to hide me, their source. There are three ways things can be similar:

1. It's a trend, a fad, an emerging perspective in photos, dance reels on TIkTok or what have you

2. You have read, watched, seen or listened to anything I wrote, either directly to you as a comment or e-mail, or just my online content, and either knowingly use the same phrases and words, or unknowingly do

3. You haven't read, watched, seen or listened to anything I've written, neither to you, nor anything posted in my online content

Why would this be hard to answer and discuss? And if you have nothing to hide, why do you want to hide me?

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