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The next generation

With all the talk about climate change and the impact we are creating for our children, we must address how our work can continue by the next generation, in all areas. On one hand, we have teachers and their students, who follow the same path and forward knowledge, hopefully with the add of new experiences that help further the original teachings. On the other hand, however, do we have the questioning of the prior generation. Just like most teenagers rebel, do we also against our predecessors. This questioning is a healthy dissemination of knowledge, to not just be led, but to learn how to lead. But, are we hindering this by our wish to receive positive comments and likes all the time? What happened to having fruitful discussions? We are all expressing ourselves more, but are we really discussing topics and creating new solutions?

Things we must consider is:

* Values

* Goals

* Conditions

* Culture

As always, it's the combination of education and experience that becomes the foundation for understanding. Without this set in full agreement, our work can be at risk of becoming lost or distorted. And while, being online has brought us all an immense opportunity to connect, we must still form the important relationship of mentor and adept. A mentor, is not a coach, but can be coaching in his/her approach. A mentor is someone who has extensive experience and success in the same field you are desiring to make it in. He or she, can help you understand the tools of the trade, and more importantly, avoiding pitfalls and letting you learn how to navigate among contacts.

Take a look at the ones before you, and who is coming after you. It's the real red thread!

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