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The path of the wind

Today we have had a storm, where I live in Sweden. They are quite common, a couple of times a year, and I actually like them. I like the exhilarating effect they have, as if they are the breath of Mother Earth herself. I like the power they display, putting people where they should be, aligned after, rather than assuming a stance of superiority. When facing the powers of nature, we are all equals. Storms were also something I missed while I lived in Hawaii, alongside the seasons, which is one of several reasons I am looking to move to San Francisco instead.

And today, I learnt something new. I overheard a person saying that today there are roads of winds. He explained it as the wind taking its own path. It has a path of its own. Intriguing, isn't it? Is even the path of the wind, God's path? Movement!

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