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The power of choosing

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Whenever I meet someone who feels like giving up, or who doesn't see any opportunities to move forward with in their lives, I remind them of the power of choosing. Even in a prison cell in isolation, you still have choices. You can choose to lay down or sit up, to close your eyes or to see, to eat all, or less, which pair of socks to wear that day, what to read and what to think of. All these little things, and even greater and more of outside in our normal life, make up our sense of autonomy. This in turn, provides us with a sincere kind of empowerment that enable us to feel that we no longer are only victims of others, or just in the hands of others.

Do you feel stuck somewhere? Are you seeking more ideas and flow? Exercise your own power of choosing with instant decisions. How does this make you feel?

Contact me for a free introductory coaching session, if you'd like to try.

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