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The power of preparation

Even if we set out to take the initiative, or has to respond to another's, giving ourselves some time to prepare, is essential for our wellbeing. This can be practiced, when we make appointments. We do them to get an answer to something, or to do something, to see someone doing something for us, such as a medical procedure or a haircut. But for it to become a good experience or something we can deal with in a good way, I've come to experience that I feel much better, when I get ample time to prepare. This is called "change time" and was from the beginning discovered and defined as part of manufacturing where certain machines had to be adjusted for the next step in the production. When it comes to ourselves, it contains several aspects:

Physical preparation - how I'm getting there, how long it takes, be ready with enough sleep and dressing appropriately

Mental preparation - the knowledge I need about the subject that is going to be discussed, whether it's to decide how I want my hair, or which options I have

Emotional preparation - how I feel about it, before, and will feel after, perhaps needing support

Spiritual preparation - praying for the best outcome and the strength to endure it

When these aspects have been taken into account, I can make a more educated decision with greater deliberation, motivation and enthusiasm.

Do you schedule just the appointment or also the preparation and any needed follow-up?

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