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The yoga discipline

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Ever since I recognized yoga as a discipline of Indian prayer, as confirmed in 2017, it has felt like there is a hidden message in the practice. From the beginning, practitioners seemed to have done it in solitude, by ascetism and to push one's limits and strength into power over body, over mind and over emotion. By this, I can't help but wonder, where are we headed with all the yoga? Isn't yoga decreasing and hindering our normal emotional outlets by its wish to lessen Ego? Something, that might even provoke it more first, producing more needs from Ego to express itself in dramas. Are the masses aware of who they are worshiping and why?

This is why I keep my yoga practice to physical stretching attuned with breathing, only. I no longer chant any Sanskrit and haven't for years. I don't eat any specific diet accompanying the practice. And I certainly don't associate, or assume, that it should have anything to do with who I am as a person, neither professionally, nor privately. I don't become a more compassionate person by standing in the downward dog once a week. I increase and express my compassion through meetings with others, with presence and tolerance. It has nothing to do with yoga, nor do my books and blogs. I have written both privately and professionally long before I started doing yoga! To me, it's all about becoming a better dancer, through which I feel more connected with my sense of femininity.

The rise of Kundalini is seldom spoken of too. Why is that?

I can't help but feel that the world is going in the wrong direction because of yoga. Or, because yoga is taught wrong?

Photo of me doing the camel pose, from Costeira Hostel in Portugal 2019.

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