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Tools for lifecoaching

Lifecoaching is about exploring, discovering and facilitating change for our clients. How is all this done, you might wonder. Well, we have lots of tools we share with you, such as:

Interviewing - our primary way of coaching is through posing questions like in an interview. But your answers are gifts to your own self-realisation.

Journaling - a way to keep track on what you're doing, how you're feeling and practice gratitude. It can also be to define various topics to practice setting boundaries.

Visionboards - a collage of images and words pasted together on a piece of cardboard with a photo of you in the middle. A practice of Law of Attraction and positive visualisation.

Metaphors - symbolic meaning of for example cars or flowers to be resembled by in exploration of your personality and needs.

Assessments - written exercises and assignments to deepen the work of the interview, good for making inventories of your skills and to write a resumé.

Would you like to try? Contact me for your first free coaching session. Photo shows my visionboard from 2013.

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