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Transforming our thoughts and emotions

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

A big part of Professional Lifecoaching is to enable different perspectives and growth opportunities for our clients to develop a plan to reach goals with, whether to improve a relationship, get a new job or take up an old hobby with better time-management. To find a new perpective requires the ability to dare to think creatively, and one of the cornerstones of increasing creativity is to dare to try to do the opposite. That is thus my foundation of what I would like to present.

How do we then transform a belief about someone or something? I believe that saying affirmations and wearing pretty quotes on the wall isn't enough at all to create change. In fact, it might even create more emotional resistance, since what we are "supposed to feel" is often not at all what we really do feel. So, instead of merely focusing on changing our thoughts, I have come up with a series of examples a year ago on how to transform "bad" or "negative" emotions to something more positive, uplifting and caring, based on my own frustrating experiences where others have stalled solutions that I focus on. Something that also feels empowering to do - it's the secret in itself - to act towards a solution and a change.

My hope is to help my readers and clients find their own examples to try and apply in their own life, whether by inspiration only, or through coaching sessions with me of course! I call this transformative coaching.

The emotions I aim to share how to transform, are:

Grief into Joy

Hate into Love

Self-doubt into Confidence

Guilt into Responsibility

Slander into Praise

Disbelief into Faith

Sadness into Gladness

Greed into Generosity

Despair into Hope

Fear into Trust

War into Peace

You can find my examples in each a blogpost under the category: "Transforming".

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