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Turning your dream into reality

How do we make our dreams come true and manifest our intentions? Here is a simple outline that you can follow:

  1. Write down a vision you have. Describe your dream or your wish.

  2. State your intention that you'd like to see this become real.

  3. Create goals.

  4. Make a plan for what to do.

  5. See to which resources you'll need.

  6. Find support.

  7. Take action!

We start by dreaming big. What does your dreamlife look like? What is it that you'd like to accomplish and why? What is the feeling you're seeking, through this dream? For example: financial independence, becoming popular, be creative, be productive, make a difference... You can also add why you think this is important (This will give you a sense of purpose.).

Then, we state our intention with a mission statement. Our intentions are like little seeds that we plant; a wish we would like see happening. You can simply finish this sentence: "I'd like to..."

To begin manifesting this dream, dilute it into goals. A goal is something that you know is attainable, affordable, possible and with a deadline, or time, for it to be done.

Now, it's time to map it out with a plan. What is it that you need to do? Do you need more information? Learn something? Which contacts do you need? Is there someone you could meet with? Do you need any legal permits, licences or visas? Who are you going to work with? Who are going to find use for your goal? Where do you want this to take place?

Nothing can get done without money. It's a cruel fact. So, how much do you need and for what? Do you have anything saved? Can you take a loan? Work extra? Find sponsors? Meet with investors? Do it together with someone else? Is there any equipment involved? Can you lease it instead of buying? A resource can also be your own actual ability, such as if your health permits, your location and your family status as well as your knowledge.

We all thrive better with support. If you know of someone who has done what you plan already; ask him or her for advice. He or she can be your mentor. You might also decide on which friends or co-workers you can tell this to and thus get their support and cheer. Perhaps, there is a group online or where you live, that can be helpful?

Finally, make a checklist of all the things you need to do. To call, to find, to apply, to read up on, to e-mail, to go and see, to measure, to count, to follow up and when by....

To make this process clearer with your own dreams, goals and wishes, as well as to build your own confidence, you can book a meeting with me as your lifecoach. I can coach you through Zoom, or in person, and also take on small groups. Contact me here to try!

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