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Walking meditation

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

A great way to practice mindfulness and increase your sense of presence, is though walking meditation. Contrary to what one might believe because of what it's called, it is best practiced indoors, since it requires you to focus on your walking entirely and not your surroundings.

Walk barefoot or in socks and put down your right foot from heel to the balls of your foot to your toes. Exhale. Inhale and lift your left foot. Put it down the same way, slowly and with full attention to heel, arch, toes. Exhale.

Continue like this for about 15 minutes. And you might even want to try to do it with closed eyes.

Notice how relaxed you feel afterwards!

(I learned this in 2012 by a volunteer practitioner who came to see us at FDC Honolulu once a week, and I also practiced it in 2018 at a church in Stockholm.)

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