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Walking with Mother Earth

One of the great things I've learned in my relating to nature, is changing how I walk. I became more conscious about this, when I was looking into what I needed to change to decrease my stress level. I simply went to a supermarket a block away, barefoot in Sweden summer 2008, realising how I naturally walked slower and with more presence - something I deeply needed to incorporate in my daily routine.

Another profound learning experience was when I went for a small hike in Hawaii to visit Manoa Falls in Honolulu. The path is not only steep at some places but can also be muddy. Very muddy. I was indeed asked about how I could remain so clean, walking in these clothes, not getting any stains on them and yes, I have a trick. I simply walk with an emphasis on pulling up my feet rather than putting them down. This comes from practicing various rhythms in West African dance, as well is somewhat similar to how horses walk. They don't stomp. It's about getting the energy from the ground and use it, instead of pushing ours down into. This also works when you need to walk on ice and snow or if you are walking through thicket. Go for a walk and try!

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